perjantai 28. kesäkuuta 2013

My outfit for the Midsummer's eve

Jacket from H&M, almost everything else from flea market. 

I looove my green butterflyshoes!!!
The flower crown is made by me! I will make an another post from that later. :3

keskiviikko 26. kesäkuuta 2013

Marie est très déprimée

About two weeks ago I had a little photoshoot with my friend! Here's some pictures of me from that day:

My outfit: dress and socks Baby, the stars shine bright and shoes Minna Parikka.

I like my haircolor so bad!

Navy blue is one of my favourite colors. It makes me feel so elegant haha!

From sunset to sunrise

My favourite subject of photography is sky at sunset or sunrise. I wanted to share my best shots at the same post so here you go:

A Winter sunrise view from my balcony early in the morning.
I took this from my balcony too.

This and the next four pics below are taken from my livingroom window!

Lapin Kulta mainoskuva heh heh.

Copenhagen, Denmark.
Berlin, Germany.

Baltic sea.
An another pic from Baltic sea.
 All these pics are taken by me. I love taking sunset pictures because the colors and lighting really attracts me. There's so many of these so maybe I should shoot something else for a change...

tiistai 25. kesäkuuta 2013

A whiff of the past

I wanted to take a peek to my favourite outfits from the previous Summer up to this date because a) I like clothes (can you believe it??), b) this blog is going to be full of them anyway and c) then you will know what to expect about this blog. In general, my style is very, I mean very girly and I like to use pastel colors and sometimes black and navy blue also. As you can see my style is very... varied.

This must be one of the best pics of me.

I´m not really sure which style suits me the best. I like them all anyway!

torstai 20. kesäkuuta 2013

At first


my name is Anna and this blog is a continuation of my tumblr No hope on Mondays ( I wanted to create a blog with more personal touch and have a place where I could spam my thoughts and doings and the other stuff. My intention is to write this blog in English but also partly in Finnish too. There's so many changes in my life at the moment and I hope that this blog helps me to go through all of it. There will be a lot of my photography and some fashion spam, but this isn't going to be (just) a fashion blog. I'm doing this for me, but I'm glad if you are intrested to follow my blog. :3

About a week ago my friend made this beautiful hairdo for me. I really should start to make hairdos again. Happy Midsummer for everyone!