perjantai 9. toukokuuta 2014

Cloudberry Lady sample sale dessert party

How are you guys?

It has been a long time,  mostly because I have been veeeeryy busy with my studies. For now it seems that my summer job is going to be a full-time idler, so I'll post more often in the future.

Last weekend I attended to the sample sale dessert party of Cloudberry Lady. The food was very delicious and everyone looked great! I even won a muff from the quiz and rose a necklace too!

I need this dress sooo baaaad!

For the party I decided to wear my new Kurki dress from Cloudberry Lady. The dress is absolutely one of my favourites right now. But I want the mermaid dress too! Even though the color scheme is really pale I tried to make a baroque inspired outfit with some late victorian elements. Mitää barokkia ole tämä kyllä nähnytkään lolol. I love that crane print so damn much! 

Notice the big ribbon at my back ::)

Dress CL, shoes Minna Parikka, parasol Baby, one necklace and a bracelet from Vivienne Westwood, shirt Fairy Wish, others second hand etc.

Yeah I had too much time to spend with my dear Photoshop..

From left to right Tiina, me and Hanna. :3

See you soon,


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